Halloween EP 2014

by Early Man



released October 30, 2014

All songs composed, produced and performed by Mike Conte

Lead and additional guitars written and performed by: Mayuko Okai

Bass lines written and performed by: Tsuzumi Okai

Drums: Jon Siren


all rights reserved



Early Man Los Angeles, California

Official site of heavy metal band Early Man, a music project from Mike Conte.

Mike is currently working on some new music as of this update (2019). Check back for release details. Thanks for stopping by!

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Track Name: Creature From The Black Lagoon
Verse 1:

Up from the depths of murky waters
Through gills I barely breathe
straight from the dawn of life itself
lost link between man and sea
Millions of years have passed me by
time is imprisoning
Darkness has been my only friend
Until she came to me


I’ll avoid you
If you pass through
I’m The Creature from
The Black Lagoon

But I warn you
If you pull moves
You’ll sleep forever in
This Black Lagoon

Verse 2:

These claws will shed blood if need be
intrude and you will see
I’ll kill every last one of you
as long as she stays with me
deep down into the lair we sink
I will not set her free
much rather die than let her go
into the depths I release
Track Name: Frankenstein: I'm Dead Alive

Verse 1:

is all I wanted
from you
but you can't understand

not a monster
all my rage
comes from the man


been sewn together
there is no other
I’m gonna be your
I’m dead alive
but I’ve arrived
I’m gonna be your

Verse 2:

after me
but be careful
what you find

just for me
the perfect creature
as my bride
Track Name: Six Must Die
Verse 1:

These winds are blowing demons in
Again “The Fog” is rolling in
Grows thin revealing ghosts of men
hooks drawn avenging prior sin
Shipwrecked deceived by firelight
Strange things bumping in the night
Revenge as the corpse will rise
Realize that all six must DIE

Verse 2:

You hear knocking at the door
number 4 listening in horror
Terror sweeping through the town
red eyes cutting people down
no one answers screaming calls
they want what’s buried in the walls
your head is their final prize
realize that all six must DIE

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