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Thank God You've Got the Answers for Us All

by Early Man

VORTEX 04:57
Verse 1: I can see what you're doing been around for a while who do you think you're foolin'? when you turn my dials sucked into the vortex where nothing is true when this wheel stops turning the gun is pointed at you Chorus: Buried in deep now it roams free what's left to see of my sanity? spiraling out of control Verse 2: I know what you're thinking you're done with me not so fast sweet child there's something I'm gonna need nothing comes that easy first the bait now the hook your blood is the payofff so give back what you took Outro: Cannot break the hex of my own vortex
Verse 1: Lying wide awake late at night I see a sudden flash of light Are these explosions in my head? or have they come back from the dead? Chorus: Black rains are falling under nuclear skies lies skies lies Verse 2: Pins and needles under my skin The suit I'm in is wearing thin The glow of death is seeping in frozen in time like plastic men Verse 3: The taste of metal in my mouth facing the radiation cloud no protocol to follow now much rather die than break the vow
Verse 1: I draw blood and you're the first to know just don't ask who has come before Tangled in the web of lies flesh and blood is always first ignored your words dead vehicles defend the indefensible half truths to really reel them in your path is irreversible Chorus: Burning alive but I cannot feel it remove the eyes but you do not see it blowing some smoke but we will not breathe it selling false hope to those who don't need it (to live) Verse 2: I sit back and watch you dig a hole don't trust a single word you say I would laugh but it's debatable whether you're serious anyway how long will you wear the mask? you bought in but sold out everyone nothing more for us to talk about the damage has already be done Thank god you've got the answers for us all Thank god you've got the answers for us all
NUMB 03:22
Verse 1: The wounds are healing but the blood is hardly dry my head's so messed up thanks to all the goddamn lies no longer care that we're losing precious time we die each day and I call it eternal life Chorus: Waiting for tomorrow that never comes Scheming every day to end it all Burning every bridge put in front of me waiting for so long that I've gone numb Verse 2: You know it's true that I am never coming back an endless nightmare taking everything I have It makes no difference who the fuck is wrong or right We die each day and I call it eternal life Waiting so long that I've gone numb Waiting so long that I've gone numb
Verse 1: Every day is the perfect day to die beaten down but given no reasons why theres a place inside of me that bleeds never stops spawning evil seeds so I fight to keep it all tied down but the loudest scream never makes a sound pretending to be just like you doing what it is I think you want me to Chorus: Feed the open scar you bleed to see the other side won't get very far until you hear the demons cry Verse 2: In a matter of time the truth will be revealed and you'll see our fate was long ago sealed always had a place in hell to call my own and I've been left standing at the gates alone now I'm blind even though I clearly see all the cuts you delivered ran too deep rest assured that you are the reason why every day is the perfect day to die Outro: I wanted to give it all to you but you cut me loose too soon what's the price I pay to live when theres nothing left to give
Verse 1: I open up the veins to bleed again but there is nothing there Been played the fool now for so long the truth itself became the dare Buried alive by time and space my life is that on which they feed Then just as I try to surrender I'm told that there is no need Chorus: Hold onto nothing once again Life is the game no one will win Verse 2: Thoughts of demise deep in my mind and I cannot just turn the tide They spew the lies that we deny but when they pry we open wide there is no point there is no hope there is no future for the damned I am the keeper of the darkness that resides in every man
Verse 1: I will break you if I try even long after I die doors of sorrow opened wide through the window in my mind (I'll take you right down with me) Chorus: Full Bloom Entombed Silence Grips you Born fools Into Solitude Verse 2: Don't try reasoning with me I'm a lock without a key just a message burned in time put away but did no crime (each day I live this nightmare)
Verse 1: I was helpless as I sat inside your womb Or was I just sitting inside of my tomb? Hard to say decay had taken hold so strong Or have I just been paranoid this goddamn long? Chorus: Hold it inside don't let them see that the longer the life the more that they will bleed Verse 2: Deep inside you know we're at the very end Past the point of no return once again You have let too many years slip right by Do not think you can escape the reapers eyes Chorus 2: Silent voices once told me that the longer the life the more that they will bleed Break: These walls are thin and I can hear the cries from the other side Don't know if I should turn and walk away or step into the hive The louder the screams become the less I hear clinging to this blade I try to run but the deed is done once again too late


Literally recorded inside of various closets, attics and basements within the greater Los Angeles area over the past year.


released October 10, 2014

All songs written and produced by Mike Conte

Vox, suits, bass, keys - Mike Conte

Drums - Jon Siren

Additional guitar solos on "Black Rains Are Falling" - Professor Pizza, Peterman and Weston Woodward

Original tattoo cover art by Troy Peace of Mid Town Tattoo - troypeacetattoos.wordpress.com


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