You Fancy Me Mad

by Early Man



This EP contains the song "You Fancy Me Mad". The intro of this song was used as the theme for the 2014 Capita Snowboards film "Stay Bad Ass". Now it is released in its entirety! Clocking in at just over 16 minutes this 3 song epic masterpiece presents what Early Man (Mike Conte) does best: RIFFS, RIFFS, and more RIFFS. A headbangers wet dream. Get it!

All songs composed, produced and performed by Mike Conte.


released November 29, 2014


all rights reserved



Early Man Los Angeles, California

Official site of heavy metal band Early Man, a music project from Mike Conte.

Mike is currently working on some new music as of this update (2019). Check back for release details. Thanks for stopping by!

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Track Name: You Fancy Me Mad
Verse 1:

This place is crawling with death
I feel the cold chill on my neck

Inside these visions from my head
Projecting thoughts back from the dead


You Fancy Me Mad

Verse 2:

Pushing through darkness trapped in time
I walk among the other side

Leaving impressions on my mind
The years of madness now unwind
Track Name: Borne Of Witch And Man
Verse 1:

Into the hands of the devil
Baptized by fire with the witch

Damned in the eyes of the believer
I am the child of Satan's bitch


Shedding of the blood
Circle of the trust
Borne of witch and man
I became the ram

Verse 2:

There is no rest for the wicked
No time for sleep when you are cursed

I've seen the light but live in darkness
I can't decide which one is worse

I was damned in the eyes of the believer...
Track Name: Obey And Conform
Verse 1:

Remove the blindfold
Still do as you're told

You turn the other way
They win another day

Talk's cheap but you still pay
Too much for what you say

In line with the fold
Your life is bought and sold


How much shit do they think we can swim through?
Do as I say not as I do

Open wide and swallow the lies
Serve your master until you die

Verse 2:

Submit to the norm
Obey and conform

Remove the mask you wear
Release the cross you bear

Let go of your dreams
They're not what they seem

You're a number with no name
Another pawn in the game

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